Adam Lambert’s favourite Queen song


In an interview with Huffington Post, Adam revealed his favourite Queen song…

1 November 2013 by Tara Solomon
“Adam Lambert Talks Miami, Rock Gods, Juicing and Being in Need of a Good Book”

TS: Will you be performing any of your songs from collaborations with Queen or Avicii or from Glee?

AL: You’ll have to come and find out!

TS: What is your favorite song from your Queen collaboration?

AL: It’s hard to name a favorite, there’s so many great songs. I think my favorite out of the more obscure ones was “Dragon Attack.” It’s one that I fell in love with. I don’t know if I could name a favorite. I mean, I think “We Are the Champions” is genius, “Who Wants to Live Forever” is amazing. I love singing “Another One Bites the Dust.” That’s probably my favorite up-tempo. And “We Will Rock You.” I mean, I can’t name a favorite — they all have their own character!