Adam Lambert breathes new life to Queen; European Tour kicks off in January

Queen + Adam Lambert
Queen and Adam Lambert (Photo : Wikimedia / Herbstzeitlose142)

15 December 2014 by Chill Harrison ”

American Idol” alum Adam Lambert has reportedly breathed new life to Queen as the band will kick off its European tour in January.

Legendary guitarist Brian May talked to irish Times and he complimented Adam Lambert for holding a candle to the charisma of the late Freddie Mercury when others have failed. “It’s not Freddie, you know. He doesn’t for an instant try and be Freddie. But some of the stuff he brings is very, very parallel, very similar, you know, the likeness he brings, apart from the extraordinary instrument, I mean, incredible instrument he has as a vocalist,” he said. “But he brings a certain amount of humor, he brings a little bit of camp, dare I say, you know, and it’s all natural, you know, it just works with us. So that’s my answer. It’s different and it’s very cool,” Queen’s Brian May added about Adam Lambert.

“Yeah, I don’t think we’d want to work with anybody else, actually, after working with Adam,” said drummer Roger Taylor.

In an interview with Neu Magazine, as reported by Primetime Unreality TV, Brian May said that both the “American Idol” alum and Freddie Mercury had the same stage presence and talent.

“The energy which we generate in an arena is I would say as strong as ever – and I think Freddie would agree with me,” he said. “I don’t think he would be upset with me saying that. I think the Queen show today that we do with Adam Lambert is the equal of anything we ever did.”

Meanwhile, Adam Lambert and Queen stalwarts Brian May and Roger Taylor attended a press conference at the Ritz Carlton on December 11 in Berlin, Germany to announce their European tour in January and February.

Adam Lambert and Queen will kick off the tour on January 13, which will run until February 27 as they will visit London, Milan, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin and other major cities.