Adam Lambert on Queen – at Brit Awards

Adam Lambert red carpet
Adam Lambert red carpet

25 February 2015 19:24: Adam’s night off Mark Savage Entertainment reporter at the Brit Awards

Adam Lambert can’t wait to see Madonna perform tonight, but he’s having a well-earned rest. “We played Wembley Arena last night [with Queen]. The audience was on fire,” he told us. But he has his own solo album, The Original High, coming soon.

“It’s very different than the Queen music. It’s definitely a pop album with a lot of R&B, house music influences. But the songwriting is timeless.”

But he says this doesn’t spell the end for his Queen collaboration. “We have some other things we’re going to be doing. It’s not the end. It’s just a pause button.”

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25 February 2015

6:29 pm – Adam Lambert is excited!

Our reporter Zoe Shenton managed to grab Adam Lambert on the red carpet and he’s looking very dapper. He may have been swigging champagne and hip-thrusting his way through his live shows with Queen but he insists they haven’t been crazy and crashed any hotel rooms. Adam told us he’d love to work with Brit nominees Sam Smith and Ed Sheeran and he’s releasing some new music soon. He added that he’s looking forward to seeing Madonna and will try and chat to her backstage if her security let him.

Adam Lambert selfie
Adam Lambert selfie