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Adam Lambert Rallies after his illness as he and Queen give a rousing performance in Milan
11 February 2015

Adam in Milan
Adam Lambert And Queen Perform In Milan During Their 2015 European Tour

Even severe bronchitis couldn’t keep him down for long! After having to cancel their show in Brussels a few nights ago, Adam Lambert and Queen were back at it today, giving another perfect performance in Milan. Well, I assume it was perfect–there’s a real lack of videos available right now. Somebody please remedy that. But even looking at these photos, Adam was on it! Who would guess that just yesterday he was still on bedrest?

Hopefully their tour doesn’t suffer any more illness-related cancellations from the band. They’ve gotta be out there spreading the Gospel of Freddie–and Adam is really the only singer I trust to preach it.

Side note: have we discussed how Adam should play Galileo in the Broadway version of We Will Rock You? There is no Broadway version yet, and Adam is, to me, the perfect choice. Someone make it so!

Launch the gallery check out all the best photos from the Milan show today. Glad you’re feeling better Adam! Although, it’s hard not to feel good when you’ve got all your fans sending you good vibes.