Adam Lambert on Queen


… Freddie Mercury’s Lifestyle wasn’t an issue for them at all

Adam and Brian on stage. Photo: ©EW
Adam and Brian on stage. Photo: ©EW

18 June 2015


“Brian [May]’s a breeze,” Adam explains, “He’s so sweet and thoughtful. Him and Roger [Taylor] are great and they feel like family now, so it’s very comfortable.

“We had lots in common, which was so fun. We all realise there’s a bit of a generation gap and I just asked them a lot of Queen folklore stories, we got along really well.

“Roger and I have a lot in common when it comes to lifestyle; we both like nice things, nice clothes, and parties and we also bonded over tattoos. Roger’s a bit more of a party animal but brian will let his hair down – literally!”

“We’d do a gig and then got on a plane, I’m not used to flying private jet for my work so I was very spoilt by this.

“We’d get on and eat dinner and talk about the show and have bonding moments. There were a lot of discussions about issues and half of what they were talking about was based on UK politics, which I didn’t know much about, so I just listened and learned.

“They’re both really smart so it was nice to be around good, intelligent, well-traveled men.”

“They told me a lot of stories about him [Freddie Mercury] and he sounded like a lot of fun… I got such a great idea of his personality.”