Freddie Mercury Official Birthday Party – update from Peter Freestone


Freddie Mercury Birthday Party 2015

Could someone please tell me where my time is flying to

? I don’t feel I’m having a non-stop good time! June is already upon us which means that there is only just over three months for me to prepare for Freddie’s Birthday Party in Montreux. I’d better start looking for the clothes I will need in amongst the black bags where they have been hiding for a while. I am really looking forward to us all ‘having a good time’ as mentioned in one of his songs. It looks like it will be a very interesting event and what better place to have it than Montreux, the place where Freddie found some of his very precious peace. So, not too long now…



For full details of Freddie’s Official Birthday Party click here.

Already also confirmed to contribute to the evening are… Queen’s Official Queen Archivist and Queen Studio Experience curator Greg Brooks, plus Queen Senior Studio Engineer and Co-producer Justin Shirley-Smith.