Breakthru: Get on your bikes and ride…….. to Detroit!


Breakthru bannerAnd we’re rushing headlong down the highway………

Today we can announce, for the first time ever at any fan convention, Tony Vincent will appear at Breakthru 2015!

Tony has appeared on Broadway, the West End, The Paris in Las Vegas, he has released 3 solo albums, appeared on The Voice, mentors and teaches via the Broadway Dreams Foundation. A truly versatile performer, who has agreed to come to Breakthru!! This, friends, is truly exciting news!!

Queen fans may recognize him in the role of Galileo Figaro in We Will Rock You at both the Dominion in the UK and The Paris in Vegas.

Tony, along with the backing of Rock a La Carte, will perform a selection of songs on Saturday night.

Let’s give him a warm Breakthru welcome and make this a terrific experience not only for him but for Breakthru!

Get the word out friends. If you have not registered yet, do so at TODAY!!!