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[151] The Queen Collection Box Set from Italy (2015)

The Queen Collection is a box set containing 21 titles that have been released in Italy. The series is released in conjunction with the Italian TV guide ‘TV Sorrisi e Canzoni’, the biggest selling weekly TV magazine, and each CD/DVD has been issued every week starting in March and ending in July 2015. Each CD/DVD is packaged in maxi digi-pack format covers with enhanced 32 page booklets that include photos, artwork, lyrics and new sleeve notes. Here you can see the first CD issue complete with box in special packaging, most of the individual CDs in the their packaging and a promo poster. Piano by Mariano Bryner.

[181] Roger Taylor’s Fun In Space Clear Vinyl LP from the USA (2015)

This is the re-issue of Roger Taylor’s solo LP Fun In Space, his debut album from 1981. Released by Omnivore records on 24th March in the USA only, this edition has been pressed on clear vinyl and includes the original cover, labels and inner sleeve. Piano by Mariano Bryner