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As previously reported, Brian, Roger and Adam were interiewed on Brazilian Golbo TV’s “Fantastico” TV show last night (13 September).

Queen are back at Rock in Rio and recall the 1985 show as ‘Unforgettable’ – the band returns to festival 30 years later Adam Lambert.

See footage HERE – Alternative link: http://t.co/cf5AemjJXd

Brian, Adam and Roger Fantastico TV show, Brazil 13 Sept 2015


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Transcript by @marisa_965  With thanks

This is the transcription/translation of the Queen + Adam Lambert interview on Fantástico. There was some guessing involved, but I think I got most of it.

And here is what they’re saying.

Interview with Queen + Adam Lambert to Brazilian TV of 13 September 2015

HOSTS speaking: That is, no doubt, the most outstanding moment of the first Rock in Rio, in 1985: Freddie Mercury and Queen creating history with Love of My Life. 30 years later, Queen is back and it’s the big attraction of the opening night of the Rock in Rio festival. This time, of course, without Freddie Mercury, who died in 1991, but with a young singer discovered in a reality show. This week I had a really animated chat with the band and they told me a curiosity about this song, Love of My Life.

Voiceover: 1985. On TV, Brazil was celebrating the first elected president in 21 years; had fun with Sinhozinho Malta and the Porcina Widow; watched a real electronic invasion. And teared up with one song. Queen was the biggest attraction of the first Rock in Rio 30 years ago. And now the band is back. 

ROGER TAYLOR: We’re very happy to be here at Rock in Rio again.
BRIAN MAY: The energy released by the audience was amazing, it made you feel incredible. 
ADAM LAMBERT: According to these gentleman here, Brazilian audience is the best in the world.

Voiceover: The American singer Adam Lambert took over the vocals that once belonged to Freddie Mercury, one of the biggest rock idols ever. Freddie died in 1991, one day after telling the world that he had the HIV virus.

BRIAN: We never looked for anyone similar to Freddie. In fact, we never looked for anyone at all. Adam came out of the sky.

Voiceover: Actually, Adam came from an American reality show. His performance singing Queen won everyone over.

BRIAN: The whole world sent us messages saying: “You have to see this guy!” When we went looking and we found it, we thought: “Oh my God, this guy could really do it.

Interviewer: And for you, how was it, to be invited to sing with them?
ADAM: It was an honour. It was an unbelievable honor. This is one of the best rock bands in history. Their songs are part of everyone’s lives.

Interviewer: How do Freddie’s fans treat you?
ADAM: It’s been like a growth, a development. When I first get on stage, I see people with their arms crossed, but when you’re on song 3 or 4, they’re like, OK. In the end, they’re all smiling and dancing and singing…

Interviewer: Is there a special song, that, when you sing it, wins the audience?
ADAM: Who Wants to Live Forever has a lot of heart. 
BRIAN: The Show Must Go On is a big moment. Freddie never had the chance to sing that song. And Adam sings it so wonderfully, I’m sure Freddie would love it. 

Voiceover: And the song that got to the Brazilian audience in 1985, Love of my Life?

BRIAN: It’s a special thing in Brazil. The country discovered that song. It was a track in the album A Night at the Opera, but it was the first time we did it the way we did it. 
ROGER: The audience just took control of it and sang almost the whole song. 

Interviewer: But were those concerts as epic for you as they were for us?
BRIAN: Yeah, it was unforgettable, it was amazing.
ROGER: There were two shows, and the audience seemed to go on forever, singing so beautifully.

Voiceover: And energy is something that’s not missing, not for Adam, neither for those two boys who are over 60.

Interviewer: Can you still party when you’re 60 years old?
BRIAN: I think we can still party, not quite as long as we used to, but…
ADAM: I just try to keep up with this one (pointing to Roger).
ROGER: Rock’n’roll must never die. 
ADAM: Never!

Queen + Adam Lambert are in Brazil to play the following shows:

16 September Sao Paulo, Ibirapuera Arena
18 September Rock in Rio Festival, Rio de Janeiro
21 September Gigantinho Arena, Porto Aleg

Freddie hologram