Q+AL next show – Santiago, Chile 30 Sept


Q+AL Santiago, Pista Atletica Estadio Nacional – 30 Sept 21:00 hrs.

Queen + Adam Lambert at Pista Atlética Estadio Nacional, Santiago, Chile – 09 30 2015

OF NOTE: Brian May played the same venue on 3 November 1992, with Joe Cocker and the B52’s playing support.

  Brian May 1992.11.03 Santiago, Chile Pista Atletica Interview
– https://youtu.be/dyH4BDawcOU

BRIAN: It’s very different.  It’s a new beginning for me. And for me it’s freedom. It’s difficult to make this jump because suddenly I have to sing as well so I have to take more good care of myself.

I think gradually it grew in my mind because I had some ideas, which I knew wouldn’t work with Queen anyway and there’s a part of you, which wants to express yourself in your own way, so I’m happy really.

I think what keeps you fresh most of all is if you keep breaking new ground, for me and for the band as well.  [Always] want to interact with different people as well, and we speak directly about our feelings so its always new.  I find life is permanently mysterious. I find things that I find in life make me want to keep doing new things.

I know very little, very little.  I hope – you know this is an experiment this time – it’s a very quick visit but I would love if this band proves to be something that works, I would like to come and spend some time here and you can absorb a little more of the feeling of the land.

Well, I think the world is still young.  There are so many things that are yet to be done, and if you speak how you feel, that’s what our music is about.  If you believe in yourself, and believe that you have something to say, that’s what matters.  The rest can follow.

I think you have to remember that all the rules are meant to be broken, that’s the way our business is.  That’s what keeps it alive.

In another interview – no longer available on youtube:

Q: What’s the meaning of your starting your World Tour here in Chile, just in Chile. What’s the meaning? Is it something to do with the south – something special?

BRIAN: Something very new, totally new for me and it’s very exciting. This is a place that Queen would liked to have come to but we never managed it, so I can start something new in a new place, and I know that we have friends here. So it’s a great beginning for me.

Brian May - Pista Atletica National Stadium 3 Nov 1992
Brian May – Pista Atletica National Stadium 3 Nov 1992. Photo source: QueenConcerts.com