Freddie Mercury’s Birthday Party 2018 update: Party Theme


Freddie Mercury

Preparations for September’s party in Montreux are progressing nicely, so look out for more announcements soon, but in the meantime, it is now time to reveal this year’s theme and dress code, for 2018 we have gone for a stylish…Black and Red.

Freddie often combined these colours, particularly on stage, who can ignore the classic black leather biker look he adopted? Or the stunning red padded pants he strutted around in? The Radio Ga Ga video combines both amazingly!

These are just options of course! For the party, you can dress in anything you like, be as creative as you wish with the colours! We challenge anyone to come as Queen’s Greatest Hits album cover…

You can of course always keep it simple and grab one of our Official Birthday T-shirts which are available here and accessorise with red! The Freddie Mercury Birthday Party takes place on Saturday 8th September at the Casino Barrière, Montreux, Switzerland.

Tickets are on sale now at