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Brian May Anita Dobson BAFTA Red Carpet 10/02/2019


Absolutely one of the producers, of course, of Bohemian Rhapsody, Outstanding British Film nominee. I mean what’s it been like seeing the success of the movie at the box office in particular?

BRIAN MAY: It’s been phenomenal. Absolutely phenomenal. I think we thought it would do well. We hoped it would do well but the way it’s touched people’s hearts has been amazing to see, the kind of response that we, got and this is just a bonus, of course, you know. It’s wonderful to be here, get nominated. If we get something to take home then fabulous, but if not it’s been an amazing journey. Just very happy.

What’s it been [like] for you personally seeing all those years put out on the big screen for audiences to watch?

BRIAN: It’s very odd. You know in the beginning it was very scary because it’s the story of Freddie’s life but it has to be the story of us as a family, so you start to think, “Oh my God somebody’s gonna be portraying me and people would believe that this is what I was like”, you know. But gradually we trusted the team and the team made the movie. The actors are incredible. The whole cinematography team – Tom Sigel’s nominated here for DOP, which is great – he did a wonderful job of creating an atmosphere in the lighting and the way it was shot. So many people worked so hard on this. I’m just very proud of them all.

Of course Bryan Singer was removed from the movie during shooting. He’s had his nomination now removed after allegations having those allegations, which he strenuously denies, how has that affected you? Has it overshadowed the movie?

BRIAN: It’s really nothing to do with us. You know he hasn’t been the director for a long time and he was sacked for very good reasons, not by us but by Fox, so it’s a very arm’s length kind of thing for us and the only reason his name is on the movie is because his Guild forced Fox to do that, so technically really, you know, he’s not the director of the movie but, you know, that’s that’s just life, you know. We’ll all be very happy and you know everyone who had told to do with the movie should be proud.

Thank you so much Brian, Anita.

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