Adam Lambert interviews for UK TV


Adam Lambert has been in the UK, promoting his latest single, ‘New Eyes’. During interview on UK TV, Queen and Freddie naturally discussed at length, plus he has talked about his role in Bohemian Rhapsody.

See belos nterviews on ITV’s ‘Lorraine’ and the ‘This Morning’ programmes.

Adam Lambert Steps Into the Shoes of Freddie Mercury | This Morning 07/06/2019

Adam: … now with Queen yeah we started in July North America July in August and actually the week after next we’re gonna do some rehearsal here in London together…

Adam Lambert on Finding Love and Honouring Freddie Mercury in New Tour | Lorraine

Adam Lambert has fallen in love! The singer has since released his new song ‘New Eyes’ which shows his new found faith in love. He’s been very busy, performing alongside Queen band members Brian May and Roger Taylor at the Oscars and on a new tour. Broadcast on 10/06/2019

Adam’s ‘New Eyes’ single iis out now on all streaming channels.