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Columbus, OH


DISPATCH.COM – August 14, 2019
“Concert review | Queen: Adam Lambert brings own magic to Mercury’s legacy”

“Roger Taylor’s drum beat and Brian May’s white curls, iconic in their own right, were the first goosebump-inducing signs we were in for a treat. When Lambert appeared, his gold suit matching an opulent set (complete with a literal crown of screens hovering above the stage), we were off!”COLUMBUS DISPATCH

“The former led the the song, “I’m in Love with My Car,” while the latter absolutely shredded on numbers like “I Want It All,” which was one of the best performances of the night — even above “Another One Bites the Dust,” one of the band’s biggest hits.”COLUMBUS DISPATCH

“Whatever your age, this show is a must-see for Lambert’s soaring vocals alone. I lost count of his magical moments, but his performance of “Who Wants to Live Forever” and “The Show Must Go On” are near the top.”COLUMBUS DISPATCH

“Pure rock, arena-size shows like this that somehow still feel intimate, they simply don’t exist anymore.”COLUMBUS DISPATCH

“Photos: Queen with Adam Lambert”