Press: “The Miracle” and ‘Face It Alone’


Some magazine coverage to mention:

An album review for “The Miracle” features in the January edition of UNCUT Magazine and ‘Face It Alone’ has been included in the January edition of MOJO as part of their playlist section.

Watch out for more reviews from MOJO and Record Collector [RC going big on the album].


UNCUT Magazine  – 7/10 (Extras: 8/10)
“Incredibly lavish boxset”
UNCUT review

1989’s penultimate LP, recorded after
Freddie retired from touring
The Miracle is something
of the unloved runt of
Queen’s late-period
albums. Unlike The Works,
A Kind Of Magic and even
the heartbreaking finale
Innuendo, it’s not packed with big, familiar
hits (only Brian May’s anthemic “I Want It
All” and Roger Taylor’s “Ghostbusters”-style
synth-rocker “The Invisible Man” will be
familiar to non-fans). This incredibly lavish
boxset reinstates Freddie Mercury’s version
of “Too Much Love Will Kill You” (written
in 1989 and initially featured on May’s
first solo album) to the original album and
also features all the 12″ mixes, B-sides and
previously unissued songs from the Miracle
sessions (the instrumental “Chinese Torture’
being the most intriguing). There are early
versions of songs and demos (some of which
are rawer and better than the final mixes),
DVDs including five videos of singles and
TV interviews with the band, and an entire
CD of radio interviews, including an hour-
long Radio 1 show which serves as a kind of
director’s commentary on the album.
Extras: 8/10.CDs, DVDs, interviews.




Sparse, cloistered woe rescued from the vaults, as the late Freddie reflects on finality with smouldering intensity and tortured guitar solo.

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