Miracle Workers: Kris Fredriksson, Justin Shirley-Smith, Joshua J Macrae interview


Miracle Super Deluxe Colleectors Edition

Check out this interesting interview by Mike Mettler of  Stereophile.com [12 Dec 2022] with Queen’s “The Miracle Box Set” content supervisors, Kris Fredriksson and Justin Shirley-Smith, along with their Miracle Sessions co-producer Joshua J Macrae.


Mike Mettler:  Why was The Miracle chosen as the follow-up box set to [October 1977’s] News of the World… …

Kris Fredriksson: One of the main things that originally drew us to this idea of doing The Miracle was that it’s what happened next after where the movie, Bohemian Rhapsody, ends. This box set is the continuation of that, really.

In terms of material, this is one of the longest gaps Queen left between studio albums, so they had a lot of time to write.

Justin Shirley-Smith: Yeah, and they were experimenting a lot in the studio as well—just playing together and jamming.

There’s one song, “The Invisible Man (Early Version),” where we included a middle-eight that was taken out entirely. 

Macrae: You also have to apply your musical brain and taste as well, as a producer. I mean, you could easily have ten different versions of some of these songs, so this box set is actually a distillation of what we all heard.

“Miracle Workers”
Stereophile.com – 12 Dec 2022

The Miracle single
(Photography by George Chinn)