On The Spot Interview with Darren Reeves (QuEx)

Darren Reeves
Darren Reeves

“The Hammersmith show on that tour in 2016 was massive for me because I’d been to a lot of concerts there and the venue was so engrained in Queen history. As Roger and Spike introduced us, I was totally inspired. Roger then put his hand on my shoulder and said sincerely: “Darren – best of luck”. For that to happen just once in your life is unbelievable! But then Spike puts his hand on my shoulder and said: “Don’t f*ck it up!”. So that was all that was echoing in my head as I started the intro to Death on Two Legs! “

As keyboardist and Musical Director of the Queen Extravaganza, Darren Reeves will be going out on the road early in 2023 for the twice-re-arranged UK and European tour of Queen’s official tribute band.

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With thanks to Dave Fordham.

The Queen Extravaganza Tour kicks off on January 13th in Stoke, click here for full dates and tickets.