ZSL Conference – Vaccination in the control of Bovine TB


ZSL logoZoological Society of London, Huxley Theatre, Regent’s Park, London NW1 4RY
3rd October 2013 10.00 am to 17.00 pm

A one day conference to expel myths and explore principals, availability, practical application and efficacy of vaccines for the control of Bovine TB.

Programmes for controlling Bovine TB in the UK and abroad have inevitably led to increased interest in vaccines for cattle and wildlife. The renewed interest has been accompanied by myths and misunderstanding about the efficacy and practical application of vaccination at a herd level.

This one day event, with speakers who are all leading experts drawn from academic, government and charitable organisations, will explore the principles behind vaccination and practical use in the field.

Principal topics will include:
– How vaccines work at the individual and herd levels.
– Recent uses of vaccination for disease control and elimination in wild and domestic animals.
– Current status and prospects for cattle vaccination against Bovine TB.
– Development of oral badger vaccines.
– Practical low cost deployment of injected badger vaccination.

Followed by discussion and debate with a panel drawn from the main speakers and other experts.

Who should attend:
Politicians, policy advisers, farming and food industry representatives, conservationists, vets, and academics involved or interested in the control of Bovine TB in livestock and wildlife.