In time for Halloween – and – The Gatcomb Project


Diableries - New Complete Edition - cover

In time for Halloween ! Finally the ultimate update of Diableries.

As with Queen in 3-D, I’ll try to make sure those of you who already bought the earlier editions of Diableries can enjoy the new images without having to fork out for the new book. But I’m proud of this new edition with full-fat OWL !!!


The Gatcomb Projet team

Farmers ! How odd would it be if, after all the hurly-burly, this motley bunch of people turned out to be right about TB in cattle, and the Government turned out to be wrong ? The Gatcomb strategy is living proof that the eradication of TB has nothing to do with the eradication of badgers. And that there IS hope for beleaguered dairy farmers who are desperate for an effective strategy to recover their livelihoods.

Wanna talk to us ? Or, on the other hand, you could just dismiss this whole thing and carry on doing what you’re doing for the next 25 years …