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Brian May in Badger Cull Zone Glos ITV News

Brian May is in Gloucestershire today, with the Badger Patrols, and spoke to ITV News this lunchtime.


EMILY MORGAN: Brian, you’re losing this fight, aren’t you?

BRIAN MAY: We might be losing the fight. I don’t believe we will lose the war. I don’t think they will get away with this for very long. It’s already a disaster, which it was bound to be. It cannot help the farmers, and I think that’s the deepest irony of all. The only thing that can solve this problem is vaccination and they’re not doing it and in fact b y doing this (they’re making) it impossible to vaccinate because you can only vaccinate a stable population. I think it’s a disaster all round. Very very sad for the badgers and in the end for the farmers too.

EMILY: The cull has actually started, though, and you’re here today. What sort of impact can you possibly have today?

BRIAN: I think the main thing is visibility really. I think once the public realises how brutal this really is, and how senseless – you know – every possible expert in the country has been saying it’s senseless from the start including Lord Krebs who’s the world authority, and I think once people realise that there are people out there in their countryside using our money to shoot badgers in the dark – they’re not making a very good job of it from the reports that we’re getting – you know. They’re wounding and they’re running away. It’s agony for these badgers.

The young ones are running away and this is the worst possible thing. This is called perturbation, which means that if the badgers are infected with TB, they are spreading it everywhere.

Actually the badgers are a very small part, you know. We think this a pointless exercise and you should be vaccinating the badgers – remove that small part of the problem, and then vaccinate the cows. And the Government’s been dragging its feet on vaccinating cows for a very long time.