It won’t end with the killing of 5,000 badgers


3 September 2013

AS THE badger cull continues, the Government’s agenda for our wildlife becomes clear. The ‘Summer of Wildlife’ is going to be the ‘Summer of Killing Wildlife’ as the cull won’t stop with these unfortunate 5,000 badgers.

The cull is going to be increased to cover as much of the country as they can dupe into believing it will work, despite the results (they ignored the results of the last one), and when the badgers are gone deer, foxes and any other creature that can carry TB will be in their sights.

Anyone concerned about wildlife needs to act now to send a message to the Government that exterminating wildlife when we are supposed to be trying to save it, is not going to be tolerated by those that choose who they support either at the polling station or at the supermarket tills.

Please sign the e-petition, contact David Cameron and Owen Paterson and endeavour to dispel the myths about the cull being circulated by the Government, NFU and supported by the media in its one sided reporting.