Brian in Westminster


Brian goes to the Houses of Parliment this morning for a pre-Debate meefing, ahead of a debate on the future of hte badger culls tomorow. He wukk aksi ve there for the debate on Wednesday, though not able to participate. That’s for the MPs.


About today’s Briefing Meeing:

“We have a briefing on the Badger Cull in Committee Room W1, in the House of Commons between 9am and 11am on Tuesday 10th December. RBCT scientist Professor Rosie Woodroffe, will be giving a short presentation at 9.30am and repeating it at 10.15am on Badger culling and vaccination. She will be available to answer any questions. Joining Rosie will be Dr Brian May, Peter Egan and Bill Oddie. We will be serving Tea, Coffee and Biscuits.

This is ahead of our Westminster Hall Debate on “The Future of the Badger Cull” on Wednesday (11th) afternoon at 2.30pm.

Kerry Ellis says that she is looking forward to a little tour rehearsal today with Brian for their shows in February.