My Bijou microconcert no 13


Brian May: My Bijou Microconcert no 13 – 5 April 2020

My Bijou ! Microconcert number 13. And some thoughts about the light at the end of the tunnel …

Hang in, folks !

Kings Daughters t-shirt - gold

GET UP ! OK – we’re all fuming here because the pre-order for the download is STILL not up ! Grrrr … BUT ….. !! The good news is that the Kings Daughters T-shirts have arrived ! Hurrah ! The supply is very limited so if you fancy one of these priceless collectibles please visit – quick !! —- Meanwhile keep practising your GET UP routine – last day for sending your video is TODAY !!!

Rainbow guitar

“I can play a rainbow” … well, we can try ! Thanks @chiaratomaini for another pure icon !!! How often are the simple ideas the seeds of power ? Genius ! Tonight I couldn’t sleep. My thoughts were swirling too fast. I hope I don’t miss tomorrow – that is – today !!

Love of my Life – by Kerry Ellis

Kerry Ellis plus Brian May – Love of My Life – 2=5 April 2020

Queen II social distancing

SOCIAL DISTANCING ! Just a gentle reminder, folks – it’s two metres – that’s 6 feet ! At LEAST !! Thanks to Jeff Parker for this little piece of genius. And Scott Stantis. Be safe, good people.