Brian May: “People won’t stand for ‘cruel’ badger culls”


Brian May, Queen Guitarist and Anti-Cull Campaigner, speaking on BBC Breakfast today:

“We should also mention that the report discovered that it was very inhumane as well. I don’t think people will stand for this. You’re talking about badgers taking five or 10 minutes to die. Owen Paterson’s denied that but it’s obviously true.

… “I have a lot of sympathy for farmers but this is not the way to solve the problem. The way we believe we can solve it is by vaccinating the badgers, and also vaccinating the cows.

… “Badgers can be vaccinated for about £120 a head, but it has just cost £4,200 per badger to kill the poor things.”

– BRIAN MAY, (quoted by ITV West Country}