Paralysed man raises over $36,000 for chance to walk, gives it away (Video) Pride of Britian


Here’s video of Daniel Black’s story and a presentation of his award from legendary Queen guitarist Brian May.

Brian May at Pride of Britain Awards, London 7/10/2013

4 March 2014 by Eric Corpus
Paralyzed Man Raises Over $36,000 for Chance to Walk Again, Gives It Away in Shocking Surprise (VIDEO)

Daniel Black was riding his bike to work one morning in December 2009 when a car hit him. He was severely hurt and placed in an induced coma for six weeks to minimize brain damage. When he awoke, the news was devastating. Broken spine resulting in spinal cord injury. Paralysis in three limbs.

On the day of his accident, he was only three days from achieving his dream of joining the British army. He was an accomplished bass player in a band. Now doctors told him he’d never walk again.

Upon hearing that an innovative stem cell treatment might help him walk, Black’s family raised over £22,000 – over $36,000 – to help fund it. However, not even a penny of it went to his miracle cure, all because of a little boy named Brecon.

Brecon Vaughan was born with cerebral palsy, and his only chance of walking was a £60,000 ($100,000) procedure in the United States. The Vaughans had only raised £11,000 up to that point. When Black saw six-year-old Brecon’s story in the newspaper last July, he decided to give all of his money to Brecon. Once the story got out, the Vaughans raised the rest in days.

To Black, it was an easy decision. “That little boy hasn’t walked for 22 seconds. I walked for 23 years.”

The story of Daniel Black’s sacrifice quickly spread throughout Britain last year, and he was honoured in the Pride of Britain Awards last July. Brecon reportedly traveled to the U.S. in October for his procedure, and we await word on his status.

Brian May presents award to Dan Black - Pride of Britain 2013
Brian May presents award to Dan Black – Pride of Britain 2013