The most important badger debate in Parliament ever



TEAM BADGER have secured a Back Bench Business Debate!

The Independent Evaluation Panel (IEP) says culling badgers is inhumane and ineffective. The Conservative think tank, The BOW Group, says culling badgers is ineffective, costly and unscientific and it tells us to vaccinate as the only option at this moment in time.

We can vaccinate badgers through a volunteer led scheme; Badger and Cattle Vaccination Initiative. (www.BACVI)

It’s really important that you share this post and you ask everybody that is a UK voter to email their MP today.

Tell your MP we can vaccinate, tell them it’s the only viable solution that’s ready now.

Give them this link, (www.BACVI) and tell them to go to the Back Bench Business Debate in the House of Commons on the 13th March; it’s a full day debate.

Team Badger – @theteambadger