Badger patrollers need additional volunteers


An appeal from the Badger Trust:

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10 September 2014

We are sending this message on behalf of those campaigning peacefully in the West Somerset and West Gloucestershire cull areas – now that the shooting of badgers has started for the second year, they desperately need additional volunteers to supplement their existing resources. Whatever time you can give will be appreciated and your presence may help to prevent the death of a completely healthy badger. Even one evening can make a difference so please contact them.

The key message from the Somerset and Gloucestershire Badger Patrols is: We are a peaceful presence in the countryside. Law abiding and non-confrontational, we:

  • Walk along roads and public footpaths within the cull area •
  • Never intimidate land owners
  • Inform the police of our intentions and whereabouts
  • Respect the countryside code
  • Make new friends with likeminded people

Get in touch:
M: 0789 960 4217


Thank you for reading this and please help if you possibly can.

Kind regards,
Pat Hayden,Vice Chairman.