Brian May ‘Seriously considering’ standing in 2015 Election



3 February 2015 By Mikey Smith

Don’t stop him now – Queen guitarist. Brian May wants it all. He’s got a vision to put corrupt MPs under pressure, but can he work his magic and become a political champion?

Brian May
Brian MayOne man, one goal:
Dr Brian May wants to change the face of British politics [PA]


Brian May is “seriously considering” standing as an independent candidate in the 2015 general election as part of a campaign to convince people to use their vote and break free from corrupt politicians.

A spokesperson for the the guitar legend – currently on a tour of Europe with Queen and Adam Lambert – said he is giving “serious thought” to a run for office as part of his Common Decency project.

Queen fans might think this comes out of the blue – but May has become more and more politically active in recent years. He’s long been a vocal activist for animal rights – strongly opposing the badger cull and founding an animal sanctuary and charity called Save Me, based on his Dorset [sic] estate.

Brian May
Here he stands: Dr May was a vocal opponent of the government’s badger culling policy

The rock legend has been teasing fans on YouTube with a new campaign over the past month, saying he’s frustrated with the “bickering” in parliament, and fed up with whipped MPs from the big parties wasting taxpayers’ money and failing to representing the people who voted for them. With the launch of the Common Decency initiative, he wants to use online communities to encourage people disillusioned with politics to use their vote, changing the landscape of British democracy.

He released a video in January to explain the idea behind Common Decency – and hinted a future in politics could be on the cards.

“I’m looking forward to getting my hands dirty,” he said. “We have an opportunity in the election coming up – it doesn’t have to be this way.”

Queen complete their European Tour at the end of February – and a spokesperson for the Common Decency project confirmed his schedule between the tour and the election is clear.

In his younger days he voted Tory, but described himself as an “apolitical person.” But the badger cull, combined with what he sees as a desire by the Conservative part of the coalition to bring back bloodsports, energised him. He’s become a fierce critic of David Cameron and has frequently lobbied MPs over animal rights issues.

Here’s everything you need to know about Brian May, his political background and the Common Decency campaign.

BRIAN TALKS #7 – The Common Decency notion outlined

This is a very rough sketch, summarising in a few words: 1) the current powerlessness of the vast majority of British people, and the desperate state of Parliament, making a Common Decency initiative essential. 2) what a reformed, corruption-free parliament might look like. 3) how we might begin to bring this radical reform about, and reclaim our democracy. It embodies a recognition of the fact that, though we don’t claim to be perfect, we have the will to bring about a new kind of government, motivated by truth, fairness, openness, and compassion.

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