The more who join us… the greater chance of Democracy


The more people who join us, the greater chance we stand of claiming our democracy.

I Want You for Common Decency

Special interest from me, Dr Rod Abouharb, because you could change MY constituency for good. I’ll be voting CommonDecency colour-blind !

George Montbiot has a good perspectives.

There are issues that really matter at this election. But Britain’s media are ignoring them
5 May 2015 by George Monbiot

Let’s hope there will come a day when all this will come to the fore.

in support of a truly great MP ! Feel free to put this in yer windows in Penistone !

Angela Smith poster

THANKS Jo McCarron ! We already liked your stance. Now we love it. Common Decency will be supporting you on the 7th. GOOD LUCK.

ROTHERHAM folks! VOTE for Common Decency choice Sara, a great compassionate MP – AND Tweet everyone else to do same!

Sara Champion poster

Folks ! Live in Chatham and Aylesford ? VOTE Common Decency special choice great compassionate MP Tracey Crouch.

Tracey Crouch poster

Yes there ARE some good compassionate Conservative MPs who deserve support. That’s Common Decency.

Henry Smith poster

Compassion and Decency, and Color-blind politics leads to support Andrew.

Join us !

Andrew George poster

TORBAY folks ! Join us in supporting a very decent animal advocate in Torbay.

Adrian Sanders poster

BRISTOL folks! RT to everyone you know in Bristol East. VOTE and spread the word for a great decent MP Kerry McCarthy.

Kerry McCarthy poster

Good night folks & THANKS !