Brian May attends London Book Fair 2015


 Brian was at the London Book Fair today (15 April), in it’s new home, Olympia, where he held a Press Conference at 11.30AM, which includedprojecting a selection of images from The London Stereoscopic Company books in full 3-D on screen. Gallery Suite, Room 1. Learn why Queen legend and London Stereoscopic Company Founder, Brian May, was at London Book Fair 2015.

Queen legend Dr Brian May live at #LBF15


“I’m Brian May. I’m here because of The London Stereoscopic Company, here at the Book Fair, to promote this new Imprint.

It’s hard to explain in a couple of minutes, but basically stereoscopy is with us in our lives every day. We have just forgotten how the Victorians did it. The Victorians did it best and this is a recreation – this is my own recreation of a Victorian stereoscope. It’s 3-D. It’s like you saw Avatar in the movies, except this is the more perfect version of it. And what The London Stereoscopic Company is doing – this is the company that I’ve recreated from from the 1850s, is we’re publishing various kinds of 3-D books. The books are all illustrated with perfectly reproduced cards and with every book comes one of these “OWL” stereoscopes. So you can experience Victorian stereoscopy exactly as the Victorians did, and they got very excited about it. And I find people get very excited about it right now.

So many subjects – some from Victorian times like “Scenes in our Village” and the fabulous “Diableries”, which is devils from the 1860s, but I’m publishing now – we are publishing – books on Astronomy, modern-day Astronomy, but going way back to the 1850s as well.

We also have a “Queen In 3-D” book coming out, because I carried a 3-D camera with me the whole time we were on tour all those years. So I have lots of nice pictures of Freddie offstage and on, and the rest of us, John, Roger and myself, and we’re also going to bring it up to the present-day, so we’ll have pictures of the last tour we did a couple of months ago with Adam Lambert, so it’ll be a stereoscopic tour from the inside of Queen.

Yeah, I enjoy coming here. I came here last year as well in the old place. This, I mean, Olympia, is better because it has better light. I love this old building. I hope they don’t damn well pull this one down. I’m sure somebody will offer some money to pull it down at some point. I love being here because I meet all sorts of people, and people get excited about what we’re offering. It’s nice to see that in people’s faces. There’s nothing like one-to-one, is there really, and of course books are very one-to-one experience – the touch of the paper, you can share it with someone in a room. These are things which I treasure in a way, in the digital age, which is very kind of clinical and distant. It’s lovely to have things that you can touch and actually communicate with people around, so it’s like a sort of fireside entertainment, if you like. It’s also an education and it’s also a window on the world.”

Brian May - London Book Fair 15 April 2015
Brian May – London Book Fair 15 April 2015