Kerry Ellis Interview


Kerry Ellis, who is currently preparing a new track with Brian, and last week made a video for the same, talks We Will Rock You, and Brian. Check out interview:

Hayden Thomas Meets Kerry Ellis at London Palladium
31 March 2015

Kerry Ellis and Hayden Thomas
Kerry Ellis and Hayden Thomas


HAYDEN THOMAS: Leaving the States behind now and moving onto a role you originated in the West End – in We Will Rock You, you played the character Meat – that lovely, fleshy name…

KERRY ELLIS: I know! My parents were so proud! (Laughs)

HT: Is it true that Brian May from Queen actively encouraged you to audition for the role?

KE: He came to see My Fair Lady and I was understudying Martine McCutcheon. I was on the evening he came to see it. I didn’t know he was in. We hadn’t met. I didn’t even meet him that night. But he then sent a message to my agent saying he would love to see me come in and read for Meatloaf, so that’s how that happened. I didn’t meet him until the audition. HT: There have been rumours about a sequel under the title ‘The Show Must Go On.’ Would that be something you would like to re-visit?

KE: Yeah possibly. It’s always like dangling the carrot to create and play a new role, so if the opportunity came up, yes, possibly… if I wasn’t too old! (Laughs) I don’t know what they’re going to do with it. I don’t think We Will Rock You has had its day either though. There’s more to come from that. I think they will bring it back in some way. HT: But there hasn’t been a life-changing phone call for the sequel yet?

KE: (Laughs) Not just yet. No.

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