Press Release: Celebrities and campaigners to march on Parliament



Brian will be speaking today at Lush, Oxford Street:

1am: ‘Votes for Animals’ ( campaign launch at Lush’s new flagship store at 175 – 179 Oxford Street, London W1.
Speakers to include Mark Constantine, Founder of Lush, Brian May, Peter Egan and Bill Oddie.

A day of action on Thursday 23rd April including a march on Parliament marks the launch of the ‘Votes for Animals’ campaign to highlight the importance of animal welfare issues in the General Election. The aim of the campaign is to help inform the public on where their local candidates stand on the issue of animal welfare and to take this into consideration when voting.

The initiative is spearheaded by ethical cosmetic company Lush and backed by animal protection organisations League Against Cruel Sports, Animal Aid and Brian May’s Common Decency organization. Brian May will himself participate along with other celebrity supporters, including actor and League Vice President Peter Egan and wildlife expert Bill Oddie. Activities on the day will include a Suffragette-themed march on Parliament and a political hustings chaired by Peter Egan, held at Lush’s new flagship store in central London’s Oxford Street with participants from the major parties.

League Against Cruel Sports Chief Executive Joe Duckworth said: “Animal lovers who want a new government that’s committed to animal welfare should know where their local candidates stand on this issue when they cast their vote at the General Election.

“Our ‘Votes for Animals’ campaign and website will help the general public find out more so they can make an informed choice.”

‘Votes for Animals’ echoes the powerful and effective votes for women campaign from the early 20th century. Over the next two weeks, the shop windows of every Lush store around the country will be featuring striking imagery to remind people to vote (ethically) with animals in mind. Lush staff will be engaging customers on animal welfare issues and directing them to their partner organisations to find out more. Hustings will also be taking place in towns across the UK so that residents can question their local candidates about where they stand on animal welfare.

Head of Campaigns at Animal Aid, Kate Fowler, says: “Not all politicians are the same, and party policies on animal welfare are particularly diverse. To animals in the wild, on farms, in laboratories and in our homes, it makes a very real difference which party comes to power. We are urging animal-lovers to find out more, and vote for animals on May 7th.”

Specially-designed Lush bath bombs to support the campaign will be on sale until the end of May, with all revenue going towards supporting the three partner animal protection organisations.