Brian May (Ivors): “The writer tends to get forgotten”

Brian and Anita - Ivors
Brian: ‘A great riff helps as well. A great singer helps, but you need the song.” –

Transcript Jen Tunney

BRIAN: Yeah, the writer tends to get forgotten. It’s only recently actually that iTunes had to put the writer on the track listing, you know, but the writing is where it all starts. If you don’t have a decent song, you’re wasting your time. What would you be singing if you don’t have a decent tune? And for whatever goes on, it’s still about tunes. It’s a great tune. If you’ve got a great tune, then great! A great riff helps as well. A great singer helps, but you need the song.

. . . That’s an interesting question. I think for us young people (laughs), you know, us rock stars, it’s a kind of link to the past. It’s a continuity thing. You have so much respect for songwriters of the old days who wrote loads of amazing songs – Bing Crosby songs and Frank Sinatra, you know, It gives you a connection with them ‘cos you realise you’re in the same business, even though you might be, “We’re rock ‘n’ roll and they’re not”. It’s about songs and it’s a good feeling to be sort of ranked alongside these great musicians.

On Rock in Rio.

Thirty years after the original Rock In Rio, the very first one, which we opened, we’ll be back there. Yeah, it’s amazing. It’s aleady sold out. Half a billion!! No. (laughs) It’s a lot of people.