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UPDATE: In the studio at Newsnight tonight, it looks like Brian will be sharing the discussion with Rosamund Urwin, a columnist at the Evening Standard.

Rosamund UrwinHere’s what Rosamund wrote at the time – Evening Standard, Thursday 30 July. See her Twitter at:

“Cecil’s legacy must be greater control of trophy hunters

The slaughter of Cecil the lion was savage, immoral and seemingly illegal — and I’m glad it’s front-page news. But he’s only the most famous of so many animals killed by “trophy-hunters”. Just look at the website of the company African Sky Hunting: photo after photo of human predators and their prey. One features Mum, Dad, gun and son with a dead rhino. Aww, slaying rare creatures — good, clean family fun!

Nonetheless, the attacks aimed at Cecil’s killer, American dentist Walter Palmer, don’t make our species look much more civilised. There were calls for Old Testament justice — Peta wants Palmer hanged; Piers Morgan, writing for Mail Online, fantasised about “skin[ning] him alive”.

But this isn’t about one man, it’s about an industry sustained by an anthropocentric attitude. Cecil’s death could be a means to increase pressure on governments to halt the import of animals killed in trophy-hunting, rather than just a way to find this week’s Public Enemy No1.”

Brian is expected to appear on Newsnight tonight, covering the subjects of overreaction for Cecil The Lion, Team Badger, Team Fox.

Please note: There is always the proviso that “Breaking News” can force changes to the planned content.

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