Lovely day for it ! – ‘Clean Boot Hunt’


Brian May: Clean Boot Hunt 26/12/2019

Lovely day for it ! I guess our experience of life is all about focus. This morning (horrendously early) I’m wondering how I would feel right now if I were attending a traditional fox hunt – a ride in which I knew a beautiful intelligent animal was going to be torn apart limb from limb by a pack of dogs ? Especially if I knew the poor creature had been kept captive for months just to provide the entertainment, and thrown out of a bag, terrified, covered in its own urine, in front of dogs that have been trained to be savage, by letting them loose on new-born fox cubs, and being shot if they don’t eat them alive. I’m sure the Daily Telegraph will be reporting on the joys of ‘country sports’ like this today.

Happily we’re hunting today the humane and decent way, with all the thrills and none of the kills. We will be joining a bunch of truly courageous country folk chasing a running man ! It’s the bright and compassionate future of countryside recreation – Hunting the Clean Boot !! Wanna come along ?

Happy Boxing Day !

Hello WALES !!! I thought this was the Severn Bridge but apparently it’s the Prince of Wales Bridge. Who knew ? So – you’re coming with me – right ? (WHERE ? WHY ? Please see above.)

In the midst of the meet ! I’ll explain later !! With the Three Counties Bloodhounds – hunting the Clean Boot !!!

Ever find it’s hard to post life and live t it at the same time ?!! We’re off, and up here in the trap I’m feeling very important !

On the hoof !! A turning point. It’s so strange – if this were not what it is, this sight would strike horror into our hearts. But there is no threat here. All is well. Some day that will be the case throughout the UK – but at present there are still die-hard blood-sport apologists finding loopholes in the Hunting Act, and torturing and killing foxes ‘by accident’. The wind of change is here.

Our day with the Three Counties Bloodhounds is well reported in Wales-on-line – with lots of quotes – check it out !! At last ! The traditional blood ‘sport’ of Fox-Hunting is on its last legs.



Pics of our adventure in and around Swansea with a posse of fine horses and very soft floppy-eared hounds – thanks Byron John and your team for a great Boxing Day educational recreational ramble. Thanks for joining us, folks !

Bri with Anne Brummer and Byron John
Bri with Anne Brummer and Byron John

Brian in carriage - thumbs up

Smiles in carriage

Bri at clean boot hunt

Horses and riders