Competition – Create your own Crinoline


Making A Crinoline

Design your own crinoline cage out of anything (plastic hoops, toilet paper rolls, wire, crochet, metal, wood, packaging plastic strips …) ; wear it or ask a friend to wear it, in a nice, unusual, funny setting and/or situation; take two photos in portrait format 2 and a half inches apart (see detailed instructions on how to take stereo pictures with a single camera or a smartphone on our website:, tab “How to take Stereo Photographs”); send us the two halves so that we can make them into a stereo but make sure the total size of the two files is not bigger than 7Mb; send your photos to by April 1 with your name, email and postal addresses. That’s it !

A jury composed of three ladies and three gentlemen from our LSC team (Sally, Sara, Nicole, Brian, Jamie and Denis) will judge the best pictures.

The 3 best photos will win a copy of our latest book Crinoline: Fashion’s Most Magnificent Disaster and the best 12 will be shown at the end of our 3-D talks before being published on our Social Media and Website, along with the names of the winners.


IMPORTANT: There are as many men in haute couture as there are women so this is for everyone. For the sake of a photo a man can wear a crinoline too so this competition doesn’t only apply to the female half of the population.