Brian May visits Blythe House to research Charles Wheatstone


Blythe House, Olympia
Blythe House, Olympia, London

Last Friday, 12 August, Brian May visited Blythe House in London – an incredibly grand building which houses a number of museums’ archives and is presently used by the Victoria & Albert Museum (V&A), the Science Museum and the British Museum, storing more than 170,000 objects from the Science Museum collections.

Blythe House is located just behind the venues at Olympia.

The purpose of the visit was to research and prepare for a talk Brian will be giving with Denis Pellerin at King’s College in London 19 October 2016, on the subject of Charles Wheatstone and his invention, the stereoscope, Dennis Pellerin said,

More information soon.

A Wheatstone wave machine

A Wheatstone wave machine