Brian May on great classic riffs [Air Guitar Anthems]



Brian May on great classic riffs [Air Guitar Anthems]

QUESTION: Is there a riff that you wish you had written?

BRIAN MAY: “It’s an interesting discussion between a simple riff and a complex riff, you know.

Most of us think that simple is great but there are definite exceptions like “Message In A Bottle” is the most incredibly complex thing and, but it sticks in the mind and it’s obviously one if the great riffs of all time. It’s actually got a great song written around it as well, so Andy did a brilliant job and Sting, he did not bad, but you know a riff is a riff is riff and it’s a mystical thing.

Either it grabs you or it doesn’t and some things can be quite involved or some things can be incredibly simple like The Kinks ’Da Dah-da da DAH’, you know they don’t come simpler than that. But my God, one of the great classics of all time. All of these things are, of course, on this album.