Brian May & Kerry Ellis with Alan Edwards, Radio Clyde 2


A pre-recorded interview with Alan Edwards Radio Clyde 2 was broadcast 15 Apr 2017

Subjects covered: “Golden Days” album, their 15 year collaboration, Kerry’s next plans, Queen Monopoly and Brian’s forthcoming “Queen In 3-D” book.

Brian and Kerry Golden Days interview Radio Clyde 2


KERRY ELLIS:  Hello. ALAN:  It’s nice to see you all together, because we have spoken separately on a couple of occasions and now here we are together and here you are together and a partnership that’s been successful now for about 15 years, is that right?

BRIAN MAY:  It’s been a while, yeah indeed, ever since “We Will Rock You” started that’s where we met. 

ALAN:  Now, Kerry you were doing a West End show and then you met with Brian and he was the one who encouraged you to go and try for a place in “We Will Rock You” and that’s how it all sort of came to be.

KERRY:  Yeah pretty much I mean I was doing a show that was completely different.  I was doing “My Fair Lady” and Brian asked me to audition for “We Will Rock You”, which I did, and yeah 15 years later we’ve got albums and then on tour we’ve done all sorts of performances.  It’s been incredible really.

ALAN:  It seems mad that we sit here talking about you know brand new album and all that history has happened where do you think the secret lies in such a successful partnership?

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