Brian May of Queen publishes an autobiography in 3-D


Brian with VR kit

24 April 2017 by Massimo Poggini

As the book is not cheap: it costs 50 pounds, or about 50 euro. But many fans of Queen will spend it willingly, because Queen in 3-D (the title) has been called “The closest thing to an autobiography that Brian May has ever written.” In fact it is a picture book containing 300 stereoscopic images, which you can watch with a viewer for images in three dimensions designed and patented by the same Brian May and made available for sale about a year ago (that May shows in the opening pic).

The photos used for this unusual autobiography in pictures were taken by the same May with a camera in 3-D that used on numerous occasions over the years to document his life with Queen.

Queen In 3-D

The book is made even more delicious by an autobiographical text written by the guitarist himself, who stated enthusiastically:

“The whole process of writing this new kind of book was almost subconscious. As I looked at the 3-D photos, memories were triggered and the stories poured out. It’s the 3-D element that makes it so evocative. I believe each image will draw readers in deeper, like me, inviting them to immerse themselves in a scene, to share a previously unseen Queen moment.”

The book will be published on 25 May by The London Strereoscopic Company.

Queen in 3-d front cover

Meanwhile, the Italian fans was given a nice gift: the booklet Golden Days (the last album Brian May and Kerry Ellis) has been translated into our language. The texts were translated by Barbara Mucci, the layout is Chiara Tomaini, supervised by Raffaella Rolla. The entire project was completed and approved directly by Brian and Kerry.

Golden Days cover insert

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