World is going to pot, including money-obsessed Britain, says Queen’s Brian May

Brian May
Queen guitarist Brian May at the unveiling of an English Heritage blue plaque to the band’s lead singer, Freddie Mercury, at his former home at 22 Gladstone Avenue in Feltham, west London.

6 April 2017

Queen guitarist Brian May said he felt ‘upset’ about the current political climate

Queen guitarist Brian May has labelled Britain a country obsessed by money.

The rock star, who has previously said the UK’s vote to leave the EU was based on “lies”, hit out at politicians for not caring about the poor, sick or animals. Speaking ahead of the release of a new album with West End actress Kerry Ellis, May told the Press Association:

“I think the world is going to pot, including this country. We’ve become a nation that only thinks about money and I think it’s absolutely appalling, and it applies to America as well, it’s probably about to apply to France.”

Later this year, May will appear at the Hay Festival to speak about a new book, and said he hoped to bump into US senator Bernie Sanders, who last year ran for the Democratic Party nomination for US president and will make a speech at the event in Hay-on-Wye, Wales.

The 69-year-old musician said he felt “upset” about the current political climate, adding: “The prime area is nationalism and pure selfishness, there’s nobody in power these days who actually cares about poor people or animals or sick people.

“We have those kind of leaders now who only understand economics and they probably don’t understand economics either.”

Golden Days, which is released on Friday, is May and Ellis’s second collaboration, following 2010’s Anthems. The album includes five original compositions as well as new rock arrangements of the duo’s favourite songs.

Of the record, Ellis promised it would cover a “diverse” range, adding:

“It’s got a bit of everything on it, it goes from a small, intimate song where it is just the two of us and goes to something so huge, so orchestral.”