“A Kind of Magic” – Brian in “Amateur Photographer”


The new July 2017 issue of “Amateur Photographer” carries a 4-page story on “Queen in 3-D”. also featured on the cover.

Amateur Photographer front cover


“Mention Brian May, and all kinds of images come to mind: a virtuoso guitarist, whose riffs and solos define classic Queen as much as Freddie Mercury’s stage presence and soaring vocals, a polymath physicist and astronomer, a pugnacious animal rights activist.

He’s also been passionately interested in 3-D and stereoscopic photography since childhood; indeed, AP readers may recall how he resurrected the London Stereoscopic Company (LSC) and designed the innovative Owl viewer. The latest book venture with the LSC is Queen in 3-D, a collection of stereo photographs taken by Brian and other photographers that chronicle the band’s career – from rehearsals for the first album, right through to contemporary arena tours with singer Adam Lambert. It’s also the first book about Queen to be written by a living band member.”