Grenfell single tops UK Chart – 10-yr record opening day sales


Congratulations to all involved, including our lovely Brian May:

‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’ enters UK Official Top 40 Singles Chart Week 1 (23 June 2017) at No 1.

The single has also claimed the 10-year record for sales on an opening day with 120,000 units sold.

Artists for Grenfell No1 UK singles chart

’Bridge Over Troubled Water’ Returns To No. 1 In The U.K. As A Charity Cover
25 June 2017 by Hugh McIntyre

For the second time in history, Simon & Garfunkel’s legendary song “Bridge Over Troubled Water” owns the top spot in the U.K., though there is a different group of singers behind this latest successful run.

This week, a cover of the track rules the singles tally across the pond thanks to a meaningful cause and a cast of superstar actors. Music industry executive and television personality Simon Cowell dove into his impressive contacts and recruited some of the biggest and most successful names in the UK music business to re-record the classic, with all proceeds going to a fund that will support the families of the victims of the Grenfell Tower fire, which has now claimed almost 80 lives.

According to the Official Charts Company, the newly-recorded version of “Bridge” moved just over 170,000 units in just two days (it didn’t drop until mid-week), making it an enormous instant success. The vast majority of those units were actual sales, showing that the British people truly do want to support those affected by the disaster, and that they are willing to open their wallets to do so.

The just-released redoing of “Bridge Over Troubled Water” features a lengthy list of names, all of which helped the song perform as well as it did and rise to the top in record time.

The original version of the tune, widely regarded as one of the best-written songs of all time, topped charts all around the world when it was first released by Simon & Garfunkel back in late 1969. In the decades since, it has been covered by dozens, if not hundreds of artists, and a few different reimaginings of the single have gone on to achieve some level of success in a number of territories. Read more

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