Meet the Hedgehogs – with Brian May



Meet the Hedgehogs
Tuesday 8pm – 9pm Channel 5 (not Channel 5 +1)

REVIEW by Jane Rackham

Our hedgehog population has declined dramatically. They were once a common sight in our gardens, but some of us have never seen one in the wild. Steve Backshall meets people who are helping them survive, such as the staff at Amazing Grace (Brian May’s rescue centre at Windlesham in Surrey) and Elaine, who cares for about 100 of the creatures in her bungalow.

We also meet hedgehog Derek, who has lost all his spines and now looks like a mini-hippo, orphaned hoglet Natalie and several others that are dehydrated, undernourished, injured by strimmers or suffering from lungworm and infection. But don’t put out bread and milk to encourage hedgehogs into your garden: they’re lactose intolerant.


Steve Backshall visits a hedgehog rescue centre in Surrey founded by Brian May. He meets the dedicated staff and discovering the stories behind some of the animals being treated, helps to release a successfully treated hedgehog back into the wild, and offers advice on how to make a garden into a welcoming environment for the creatures.


Presenter Steve Backshall
Director Nicola Tremain
Director Claudia Riccio
Executive Producer Claudia Riccio
Producer Rebecca Gilhooly