Queen’s Brian May: ‘Disgaceful’ Theresa May should be ‘panicking’…



Queen’s Brian May: ‘Disgraceful’ Theresa May should be ‘panicking’ following disastrous election
14 Jun 2017 by Mary Gallagher 

Brian May says the prime minister Theresa May should be “panicking” following the surprise result of last week’s snap general election, which turned out to be a bit of a disaster for the Conservative party.

Celebrities from the music world flocked to support opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn after he was interviewed by grime artist Jme, and the rapper launched the campaign #Grime4Corbyn. Jeremy was also invited to join indie rockers The Libertines on stage, and gave a moving political speech.

Brian May and Kerry Ellis
Brian May and Kerry Ellis release ‘Panic Attack’ and Brian says Theresa May
should be in a panic (EXCLUSIVE)

Theresa could hardly boast the same support from the entertainment world, and there were calls for her to resign after she welcomed in a hung parliament and asked

permission from the monarchy to lead a minority government alongside the DUP. Her ability to lead Brexit negotiations has been called into question from all sides, with Tory supporter Piers Morgan even offering to shoulder the responsibility.

Queen guitarist Brian agrees she’s not fit for the job, and exclusively told Yahoo Celeb UK that he thinks her reasons for calling the election were “disgraceful” and what’s more, he thinks she is “panicking” behind closed doors.

Today Brian released his new single, aptly called, ‘It’s Gonna Be Alright (The Panic Attack Song)’ with singer Kerry Ellis and gave Yahoo UK & Ireland exclusive access to the animated video.

Asked whether he thought Theresa May should be worried after the events of the last week, he told us: “I thought the whole idea of putting the country through this election for no reason apart from seeking her own personal gain was disgraceful. I have no time for her whatsoever. I can’t imagine anyone less suitable for conducting delicate negotiations to remove us from Europe. In my opinion we should not be leaving anyway. I think it’s one of the stupidest things we’ve ever attempted, and I don’t believe that it can be done without catastrophic damage to our country. So if you really want an answer to your question, I think if Theresa May is not panicking, then she should be!” He added: “I’m glad to say she’s no relative of mine”.

Brian admitted his song – taken from the duo’s album ‘Golden Days’ released back in April – isn’t about Theresa May or the current feeling of unrest in the UK, but told us that the inspiration behind the song is his own experience with mental health and his “emotions”.

“The Panic Attack song is drawn from life. I wrote it from first-hand experience. Since I was a kid, my mind has always been in a delicate state of balance. I feel emotions very intensely.”

Brian May and Freddie Mercury were incredibly close friends. He continued: “That’s one of the reasons that I decided early on as a student I wouldn’t take the drugs that all my mates were enjoying. Politely saying now became a habit. The song offers optimism. In a way, it was therapy for me, and I’m hoping that it will offer help to other people who experience this frightening phenomenon. I have long felt that it’s important to share these things. Otherwise, in the grip of uncontrollable feelings, people can feel very alone. It’s healthy to bring these things into the open.”

We think Brian would agree, Theresa May needs all the optimism she can get right now. Brian said it has been a huge delight to work with Kerry, though different to writing music with his late pal and Queen icon Freddie Mercury. 

“Generally, as with Freddie, my songwriting would be directed towards creating something congruent with the singer. But in this case, in a sense, I was asking Kerry to communicate my own emotions. She did a terrific job,” he told us.

Brian and Kerry released ‘Golden Days’ back in April.

Brian is in the final stages of an intense rehearsal schedule, getting ready to embark on what will eventually amount to a massive world tour as Queen and Adam Lambert. But it won’t stop the music legend finding the time to write new music, and he has a rather clever way of saving his ideas while on the road.

Speaking about writing ‘ ‘It’s Gonna Be Alright (The Panic Attack Song)’ he added: “I was doing a sound check on the last Queen tour in Europe. Almost without thinking, I started hammering away on the acoustic guitar I was checking, and singing the skeleton of the song … As more thoughts came into my head, I sang them into my iPhone, which is the way that I’ve always dealt with these moments, except in the old days it wasn’t an iPhone, it was a cassette recorder… “