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Queen In 3-D book

Queen in 3-D London Launch

Credit: Video created by Andrew Jenner, Disorder Magazine

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BRIAN MAY: Welcome to Queen in 3-D. Are you ready?

[Audience: Yeah!!]

This is Queen. This is Rog, and we’re in some place. Nobody can remember where we were but we’re rehearsing for our very first album.

Now again we’re on tour of the States. We’re in a Cadillac limo …. you can see the cocktail cabinet in the front but you know we’re kind of learning how to be stars at this point in New York.

Roger and Freddie looking very happy. John looking a little bit suspicious of the whole thing which he actually was.

Touring is like this. Touring is like this – it’s always winter.

It’s very Slash-like.

He seems to be in the grip of a hairdryer, which sucks rather than blows.

Here’s me relaxing and what I’m doing is I’m nipping off to meet people who are interested in stereo. I put a taxi pod here(?)

This make-up. We were very glam in those days but Freddie was particularly glam.

Taking pictures of myself – so I was into selfies as a very early age. Lots of great live shots of us in this book. I’ll spin through a few.

The lights behind him are what we called the Pizza Oven…

This is the guitar which was made for me talking to my own design for another commercial, which is called ‘It’s A Hard Life’ but actually it’s Roger looking very, very, very bored. Here they are being very, very bored again- one we dress up.

I love this because of the jacket…


This is what Wembley Stadium used to look like.

Coming up a couple incarnations – we teamed up with Paul Rodgers for some moments which I think really good. I think the biggest thrill for me was playing ‘All Right Now’…..

So you know Freddie’s still in the show. We’ve been incorporating of course…

I do “Love Of My Life”.

Here’s me doing my selfie stick trick and that’s a stereoscopic selfie stick today and another project, which is called “Queen in 3-D”… … (applauds)

<An interview with Brian May on Disorder Magazine no longer available – sorry>

Here is an EXTRACT – the preamble:

In this age of VR, along comes this charming 3D photo collection (complete with viewer) taken by the bands guitarist Brian May. 300 images from the very earliest days to the present (including Adam Lambert) all in ‘stereoscopic’ layout that adds that little bit of immersive magic when viewed through Brian’s own designed viewer. There have been many books written about Queen. Some are authorised versions but none have ever been in their own hand so this is probably the nearest we will get to an autobiography!

At the book’s launch we took the opportunity to film Brian taking us through some of the images with anecdotes. And in our interview below Brian tracks his fascination with 3-D, what the band thought and tips for the reader….