Guitars signed by rock legend Brian May to be auctioned to help badgers


Brian May signed guitars to benefit badgers

Brian May – Photo by Anne Thomson

Legendary Queen guitarist Brian May has signed 11 guitars made by Badger Guitars, owned by Mark Badger, which are to be made available to buy on the eBay auction website from Saturday 26th August. All proceeds will go to badger charities in areas around the country most affected by the cull policy, listed below, as well as May’s own Save Me Trust. The guitars have been donated by Philip White, founder of Red Badger records, who proposed the auction as a means of benefiting badger groups in the UK and to support the work of charities who believe the government badger cull is ineffective and inhumane.

The eBay auctions get underway Saturday 26th August at 12 noon and continue through to September 5th. Each auction runs for 7 days

Save Me Trust
Auction Date Saturday 26th August starting 12 noon eBay Auction Number- 253086431303 –
The Save Me Trust gives a voice to animals. Its core work is in halting the badger culls and protecting and strengthening the Hunting Act. Science clearly shows that killing badgers will never stop Bovine TB in cattle. Save Me aims to work collaboratively to find the solution to this devastating disease. Anne Brummer

Secret World Wildlife Rescue
Auction Date Sunday 27th August 12 noon eBay Auction Number – 253086445092 –
Secret World Wildlife Rescue has been recognised for its badger work for the past 25 years. Every penny of money raised by this auction for Secret World will go specifically towards the care, rehabilitation and release of badgers. Together with the other charities involved, Secret World stands up for badgers. Gemma Clark

Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue
Acution Date Monday 28th August 12 noon. eBay Auction Number- 253086451688 –
Harper Asprey helps orphaned and injured badger cubs to get back to the wild and has done so for nearly 30 years. It is wonderful to see the young orphans develop their natural instincts and establish themselves in family groups before they are set free for a natural life in the wild. Lyn Powell.

Team Badger
Auction Date Tuesday 29th August 12 Noon eBay Auction Number-
Team Badger is the largest coalition of wildlife groups united by a single purpose – to bring a stop to the Badger cull. Badger culling by free shooting is inhumane, and ineffective in stopping the spread of bovine TB in cattle. And it is expensive – every badger killed costs the British taxpayer around £7000 and meanwhile not one badger has been tested for bovine TB! This gross destruction of a protected species cannot be allowed to continue. Nigel Palmer.

Cornwall Badger Group
Auction Date Wednesday 30th August 12 Noon. eBay Auction Number- 253086455976 –

Dorset Badger & Bovine Welfare
Auction Date Thursday 31st August 12 noon. eBay Auction Number- 253086458813 –
Dorset Badger & Bovine Welfare is so pleased to have been included in the auctions of these super guitars signed by the wonderful Dr May. Dorset will sadly witness badger culls on all of its green and pleasant land. The funds raised will go to good use: we have set up an independent Camp Badger for people coming into the area to help patrol. Fuel will be our biggest need as ours is a huge area to cover.

Badger Action Network
Auction Date Friday 1st September 12 noon. eBay  Auction Number – 253086460964
“Hip, hip, hooray” say British badgers, and thank goodness say badger protectors everywhere – this amazing guitar auction shows there really is a caring Britain. Somerset Badger Group Auction Date Saturday 2nd September 12 noon. eBay Auction Number – 253086463612 –

Wildlife and Badger Carers
Auction Date Sunday 3rd September 12 noon. eBay Auction Number – 253086465923 –
‘How fantastic that red badger records is doing this for so many groups and charities that care, protect and respect badgers. Badgers are shy, secretive animals that just ask for the night to be theirs and to be left alone, yet they continue to be persecuted, snared and shot because of the historic mind set of man.’ Many thanks. Pauline Kidner

Auction Date Monday 4th September 12 noon. eBay Auction Number – 253086468404 –

Dorset Wildlife Trust
Auction Date Tuesday 5th September 12 noon. eBay Auction Number – 253086471565 –

Badger Guitars
“Badger Guitars is honoured to be a part of this great auction event and provide these guitars for such a worthy cause. Hopefully through the auction and surrounding publicity generated over the coming weeks more people will awaken and be made aware of all the cruelty and stupid acts that have been taking place over the past several years”, says Badger Guitars’ Mark Badger.

Red Badger Records
“I have always wanted to take my charity work to the next level. This will hopefully be the first of many projects, and hopefully more, that are badger oriented”, says founder Philip White