Brian on “Not My Job – Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!” NPR


Brian’s marvellous appearance on the popular US NPR radio show, recorded in Chicago,“Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me.

Of course the hosts rightly treat Brian as a Rock God and of course Brian is charming, witty and delightful!

(Thanks to Dana Kubick)

Brian May on “Not My Job – Wait wait… don’t tell me!” NPR –
Photo: Brian May performs with Queen earlier in 2017. Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

28 October 2017

Brian May left a promising career in science to try his hand at rock ‘n’ roll, and did OK enough, we guess, becoming a co-founder of the band Queen. (That makes him the only Ph.D. astrophysicist in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.) What’s more, he’s also deeply into 3D stereoscopic photography, and has just published a new book of pictures of his band. Given his success with Queen, we made him answer three trivia questions about Dairy Queen, the ice cream and fast food franchise. READ MORE AND TRANSCRIPT