Brian May’s hidden role in “The Rebel”


Brian May

8 November 2017

Fakery scandal!

The new series of Gold’s comedy The Rebel features a guest appearance from Brian May – though you won’t be able to see him. Queen’s guitarist stepped up to the plate when his wife Anita Dobson, who plays Margaret in the show, was called on to play the electric guitar in one scene. May tried to teach Dobson the right chords, but she struggled as a pupil.

‘When Brian played the riff, I thought, “That’s exactly right”,’ Dobson says. ‘It was dead easy to him. But I couldn’t possibly do it myself.  So the scene is me miming to his playing. All Brian said to me was, “Darling, give it attitude.” I think I got away with it!’ 

‘It was great fun to do. I can’t wait to see Brian’s face when he watches the scene. He’ll have a very good laugh. ‘But I know I have no future as a guitarist. My career does not lie in that direction.’

The Rebel returns to Gold at 10pm tonight Published: 8 Nov 2017