Cynthia Fox – Classic Rock The Sound 100.3 prepares to go silent


As The Sound 100.3 prepares to go silent, its classic rock DJs prepare for the end of the FM station – Orange County Register
2 November 2017 by Peter Larssen

Uncle Joe Benson, Cynthia Fox and Rita Wilde have lived on the airwaves of Southern California radio, playing artists like the Who, Queen and the Rolling Stones for so long that what was just rock and roll when they started grew up into the format known as classic rock.

But these well-known voices, on the air for four decades, give or take a year or two, are about to be silenced. The Sound (KSWD-FM/100.3) has been sold to a Christian broadcasting company, and the on-air home for Benson, Fox and Wilde, who currently hold down weekdays from 8 a.m. until midnight, will be no more. READ ON

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Best wishes and we hope to hear Cynthia Fox (KMET, KLOS, The Sound),
along with Uncle Joe Benson
and Rita Wilde and colleagues
welcomed back on the airwaves soon, playing the music they love,
and supporting their communities.

Cynthia FoxCynthia Fox and Brian May

Uncle Joe BensonUncle Joe Benson

Rita WildeRita Wilde